Lexie Smith
NYC / Baker
“I blinked and I was there” ; bodega run-ins ; no TV

Yasmine Ganley
Auckland, New Zealand / Writer and editor
Newly-acquainted acupuncturist ; a mixture of clay and black sand ; sage eggs

Rachel Albright
Philadelphia, PA / Creative Director
Good gifts ; rural Virginia ; traveling alone


Ann Edgerton
Austin, TX / Interior Designer and Stylist
Cold plunges ; a little red notebook ; remembering the sky

Carissa Potter Carlson
Oakland, CA / Editor, Writer, Artist
Common genes ; Past Office ; “They deserve the best. Whatever that is.”

Suzanna Zak
Los Angeles, CA / Artist
Gifted obsidian ; Red Rocks covered in snow ; upended perception


Casey Zhang
New York, NY / Creative consultant
Small but considerate gestures ; selfies ; meal in bowls

Tonya Papanikolov
Toronto, ON / Chef, Health Consultant
Cellular “hell nos” ; Heightened eclipses ; Carrot respect

Kate Waitzkin
Austin, TX / Yoga Instructor
French blue ; Mockingbirds ; “Nowness”


Stephanie Madewell
Northwestern Ohio / Writer and Editor
"Mostly birds" ; Salad agreements ; Worry hours

Natalie So
San Francisco, CA / Story Editor, Writer, Art Director
Hair dye ; Emerging self-consciousness ; Lygia Clark

Rosemarie Auberson
Paris / Artist
Noguchi on Brancusi ; 2am walks ; Hope in human beings


Su Wu
Mexico City / Writer, poet, editor
Specific softness for cliche ; wild tortoises ; unexamined belief

Ramona Flume
New Orleans, LA / Travel Writer and Journalist
Indulging in liminal space ; happy surprises on a Megabus ; “I’m always hoping to capture lighting in a bottle to savor it later”

Jen Vitale
Portland, OR / Stylist and Shop Owner
Earth Day anxiety ; Himalayan salt stones ; Solange


Renee Friedrich
San Francisco / Founder of Anaise Shop
Sprawling jasmine ; bubble-gum pink oleander ; a slender man on rollerblades

Jen Turner
Austin, TX / Architect and Hotelier
The deceivingly simple ; friendship pacts ; Ayurveda

Marion Seury
Paris / Writer
The blue of the sea and sky ; the beige of the sand and rocks ; only the sounds of the waves and wind.


Christine Muhlke
NYC / Bon Appetit Executive editor, consultant, cookbook author
Eye contact with strangers ; nostalgic souvenirs ; road trips

Isabella Killoran
NYC / Artist
Rain-soaked park concerts ; Brighton Beach ; Bill the Florist

Caroline Denervaud
Paris / Performance artist
Cherries ; heat ; dreams


Zsuzsanna Toth
London / Editor, Writer
Rediscovery ; face value ; cheap flights

Kayten Schmidt
Los Angeles, CA / Photographer and stylist
Sprinkler sounds ; cat friends ; Wheel of Fortune

Johanna Tagada
London / Artist
Laughing ; beige linen ; daydreams


Alyson Fox
Austin, TX / Artist + Designer
Nostalgia relived ; corn dog rituals ; drive-in movies

Jess Williamson
Los Angeles, CA / Musician + Photographer
Breaking the rules ; embodying strength ; a custom-made hat


Emma Lipp
Sonoma, CA / Chef at Scribe Winery
Rattlesnake omens ; salad as religious rite ; surrendering control

Ashley Ragovin
Los Angeles, CA (but writing from a recent trip to Sicily) / sommelier
Squeegees ; rosemary breeze ; different kinds of sadness

Ana Davidson
Austin, TX / stylist
Cupping ; new responses to old questions ; aspirations of selflessness


Alaina Sullivan
Brooklyn, NY / Artist, Designer, Chef
Craving nature ; flying in awe ; delighting in the universe’s absurdity

Francesca Mari
San Francisco, CA / Writer and Editor
A diet of light ; bitcoin ; “emotional threads, tough and resilient”

Katie Merchant
Toronto / writer
Swooning over palette ; surviving vs. thriving ; new friendships


Andi Teran
Los Angeles, CA / Writer
Alone and not alone ; Zadie Smith's voice ; signs from the universe

Anja Charbonneau
Portland, OR / Art Director and Editor of Broccoli Magazine
Crow cafes ; fruition ; working with women

Rachael Yaeger
NYC / Entrepreneur
Special earrings ; beach walks ; staying accountable