Lily Stockman
Los Angeles + Joshua Tree, CA / Artist
An optimistic glockenspiel ; returned rocks ; helpful structure

Heather D'Angelo
Bay Area, CA / Musician and founder of fragrance line Carta
Tree anxiety ; "woo-woo activity" ; fortunate atheists

Emily Johnston
New York / Photographer
Studio-sitting ; letting go ; natural extremes

Ruby Woodhouse
London / Photographer
Corn on the cob anecdotes ; realistic structure ; "For that moment, when you realize these things, all stress disappears and means almost nothing."

Alexa Wilding
Hudson Valley, NY / Writer and musician
Spider’s wisdom ; renewed perspectives on failure ; comforting tinctures

Marlee Grace
Rural California / writer and artist
Coveralls and Blundstones ; pre-Internet worlds ; women of the land

Durga Chew-Bose
Montreal / Writer
Elegant isolation ; purple-pink bougainvillea ; baskets for no reason at all

Alison Wu
Portland, OR / Stylist and recipe developer
The origins of woo woo ; forays into virtual reality ; heart-shaped rock

Yana Sheptovetskaya
Los Angeles, CA / editor and a hand behind @gelcream
A city made for the sun ; embedded art ; dreams more real

Claire Evans
Los Angeles, CA / Writer, Musician, Artist
Computer tics ; unholy arcs ; strumming wind

Kerrilynn Pamer
Los Angeles and New York City / Co-founder + CEO of CAP Beauty
Connecting and reconnecting ; turning routine on its head ; all you can do is what you can do.

Mary Lattimore
Los Angeles / Harpist
Fictional romance ; cosmic winks ; moonlit worlds

Jackie Linton
San Francisco / Copywriter + Publisher of Bad Day magazine
A place to rest a glass ; go-kart dreams ; cowboy boots

Connie Matisse
North Carolina / Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at East Fork ceramics
Insomnia-induced messages ; rhinestone turtle shells ; in it, together

Diana Welch
Austin, TX / Ceramicist
A disinterest in desirability ; ripples ; publicly meditative acts

Erika Brosnan
Austin, TX / Midwife
Floored by generosity ; existentialist spiders ; vag questions

Stephanie Mei Huang
Marfa, TX / Artist
Facing small decisions ; Dragon Trees ; chickpea flatbread

Alexa Hotz
Paris / Writer, editor, stylist
Connection to the material ; almond gelato ; self-reflection as self-care

Rachel Khong
Bay Area / writer
The Pacific Surflander ; painful presence ; a cat named Bunny

Kristin Dickson-Okuda
Los Angeles, CA / Designer of Rowena Sartin and founder of IKO IKO Space
The soundtrack of new ideas ; maternal readings ; imagination

Joanna Ewing
Ohio River Valley / Creative Director and Brand Consultant
Solving basic problems ; making the universe out of paper ; a new relationship with change

Gretchen Jones
NYC / Intuitive Business Coach and Speaker
Hidden braids ; a new perspective on swimming ; allowing boundaries to set you free

Yolanda Edwards
NYC (with dispatches from a month amid travel) / Creative director of Condé Nast Traveller and Brides magazine
Wild and salty hair ; rebirth ; "I stayed anyway and had a good cry."

Currie Person
Portland, OR / Founder of Spartan Shop
Underwater details ; defining "home" ; risky hikes

Carrie Fountain
Austin, TX / Writer
Unremembered (but important dreams) ; BOGO kittens ; carpeted stones

Maryanne Casasanta
Toronto / Artist educato
Bitter chocolate + hot fennel tea ; a synthesis of ideas; Deep Listening

Hasini Jayatilaka
Palo Alto, CA / Post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University who studies mechanisms of relapse and metastasis in childhood cancers
No more beeping ; nourished by the familiar ; Sri Lankan desserts

Shaina Mote
Los Angeles and NYC / Clothing designer
Space to evolve ; non-linear emotion ; ancient ruins

Claire Sylvester Smith
Chicago / Doctor and writer
Strange privileges ; quotidian things ; organ donations

Shriya Samavai
NYC / Artist and writer
Less apologizing ; parsing out the parts at play ; a specific crescent moon