The Moon Lists are a list of questions for reflecting on, documenting, and taking inventory of the recent past

A couple years back I became interested in a new idea after reading an interview with photographer Sam Abell. Abell, a celebrated National Geographic photographer with a 35-year career, now lives in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. In the interview, he mentions a personal project called the Moon List.

In his words: "Every full moon, my wife and I construct something we call the Moon List — about 25 questions that have evolved over 10 years or so to reconstruct the past 30 days since the last full moon." I wrote to Abell, requesting to see the other questions on his list...and for permission to recreate his idea through the perspectives of different contributors.

Each month I ask different women to respond to a list of prompts about their last 30 days. I also consider the lists — and the ritual of monthly self-reflection in this format — to be a subtle connecting between the conscious and sub-conscious, a space to identify themes, bring up questions, and perhaps reshape or define experiences. Stepping out of dullness or habit and into clarity.

Questions have no value without engagement: I encourage everyone to borrow the prompts, develop a practice around them, and make them your own; access the full list of monthly questions here.

— Leigh Patterson