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Anna Z Gray is a writer, editor and model living in New York City. She has a newsletter called "Things I would buy if I didn't have to pay rent" that goes out bi-monthly (kind of) and she thoroughly enjoys talking about clothes and furniture.
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01    Nature

I have a special relationship with my bedroom curtain. It’s lace and old and was $5 on the street almost ten years ago. There are some holes but it flirts with the sunlight in a way that makes me very happy to be home on a sunny day.

02    Object (old)

Digging through my jewelry box (how do you keep these organized? Mine looks like a Gordian knot of necklaces) I found a small gold charm shaped like a crown. My mom gave it to me a few years ago to celebrate something I can’t remember. It’s beautiful and I’m excited to wear it again.

03    Object (new)

I can’t think of any new objects that aren’t clothes and books. I’ve been focusing on purging unnecessary stuff.

04    Surprise

I sort-of surprised my Dad while he was visiting my Granny in Ireland! (“Sort-of” because I had to let him know to come pick me up from the airport.) I was in Paris working and hopped over to Dublin for a few days. We lived in a tiny town in the Irish countryside when I was a child so going home always stirs old memories. It’s a very relaxing place to visit.

05    Encounter

Lately I’ve been thinking about what interpersonal exchanges make for a truly treasured friendship. Of course conversations with best friends are always the most comfortable and comforting but I love meeting strangers that have a complimentary personality to my own. It happens every few months that I meet someone and we talk for ages about whatever and then I never see them again. It’s nice.

06    Night Out

A few weeks ago I was in Lisbon for a friend’s art event. The evening of we had the most amazing dinner in a very weird, ill-lit, industrial-feeling seafood restaurant. There was a lot of wine and lot of clams and it was very fun.

07    Day Out

October was a big month of travel for me so there were a lot of memorable days out. Paris, Dublin, Toronto, Lisbon, LA (I live in New York). There was the day I didn’t have to look at my Google maps in Paris because I knew where I was going; traipsing around a field to the greenest grass with my Dad in Mullingar; walking around downtown Toronto with Matthew; art museum tour in Lisbon… a lot of good days this month.

08    Time Alone

I hate being alone! Which is tricky for a freelance writer/model that spends most of her time writing along in her living room. I make myself do things solo because making yourself do things you hate builds character or something.

09    Movie / TV / Book

Moonlight (Mahershala Ali, my heart beats for you) / no TV/ Creation is a Patient Search by Le Corbusier, and Four Dimensional Human, Laurence Scott.

010    Creative Act

I teach workshops and give lectures. These can be creative acts. But there are also domestic acts that are creative; I make a design project out of the stacking of redwood. I write a bi-monthly newsletter that lets me play with short copy and my endless fascination with trolling the internet for stuff. Also I was Bjork from the Oceania video for Halloween. Gluing all those gems to my face was definitely a creative act.


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Anna dancing in new pants, via Instagram

Anna dancing in new pants, via Instagram

shadows from Paris

shadows from Paris

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"

Bjork + sequin mask application

Bjork + sequin mask application