april 2017

"I am always, and always will be, vulnerable to my own work, because by making visible what is most intimate to me I endow it with the objectivity that forces me to see it with utter, distinct clarity. A strange fate. I make a home for myself in my work, yet when I enter that home I know how flimsy a shelter I have wrought for my spirit. My vulnerability to my own life is irrefutable. Nor do I wish it to be otherwise, as vulnerability is a guardian of integrity." — Anne Truitt

The Lists:

Stephanie Madewell, Northwestern Ohio
Writer and Editor
"Mostly birds" / Salad agreements / Worry hours

Natalie So, San Francisco
Story Editor, Writer, Art Director
Hair dye / Emerging self-consciousness / Lygia Clark

Rosemarie Auberson, Paris
Noguchi on Brancusi / 2am walks / Hope in human beings