Autumn Hruby

Autumn Hruby is the Founder and Creative Director of Hesperios, a ready to wear collection focusing on knitwear; a literary art publication; and shop Editor-in-Chief of Hesperios Journal.

01    NOSTALGIA: What was felt more deeply because it took you back to your past?

A piece of pie, a picasso and a piano recital.

02    DETAIL: James Salter wrote: “Life is weather, life is meals.” Describe a meaningful moment involving each in the last month.

My friend Stella has been in town for a short visit from Paris. We made plans on the day of an April downpour and relished every minute of it. We ate lunch at Via Carota, in the kind of ceremonial way that Italians do lunch and after several hours, brought our almond tarts and olive oil cakes to my flat and then curled up on the sofa to watch The Neverending Story along with my two miniature Australian shepherds. I had to pull away afterwards to see William Shakespeare’s King Lear, starring Glenda Jackson at the Cort Theater and left Stella sleeping on my couch.

03    ADJUST: What are you amid that is almost (but not quite) right? A draft, a relationship, an injury…what needs refinement and attention?

I’m in the midst of learning where to dedicate my time in order to support the right leaders and which problems in our community I can try to focus on solving with my peers.

04    INDULGENT: When were you indulgent?

In the middle of the night.

05    SELF-INDULGENT: When were you indulgent?

Today. I watched Bella Figura, la liberté nue de J.Kylian maybe twenty times. There is a scene with the composition by Mariana Sirbu & Antonio Perez. This could also be answered for Nostalgia.

06    MINOR SECRETS: Describe something you did in private.(Perhaps not a "secret," but maybe something that never occurred to you to share…)

I tried to read a novel while playing the piano the other day. Haha.

07    PARE BACK: Did you simplify something?

My way of staying true and happy comes down to a few simple doings. Ample time in nature and gardens wherever I can find. Solitude. Learning to say no. Only doing what I love and loving the process in what I may not want to do. On a larger scale, I’m trying to do everything I can for Hesperios, that meets the definition of sustainability. Forming good habits while our business is young. I think that’s important. No plastic, etc. I’ve been reading a book by Patagonia founders called The Responsible Company.

08    CULTURE LIST: What was read, watched, seen, listened to? And consider the ratio between the mediums.

Artful by Ali Smith (morning), Passenger to Teheran by V. Sackville – West (afternoon), The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker (night), Shortest Way Home by Pete Buttigieg (in between), Hilma af Klint (twice), King Lear, The Paris Review Podcast Episode 12 “Thunder, They Told Her” and Episode 7 “The Listening Forest”, and a month long of proofreading words by Miranda July, Miranda Brooks, Claus Meyer, Tarajia Morrell, and many others for our upcoming Hesperios Journal No. 3. Bedřich Smetana, Philip Glass, Bill Evans, André Laplante, and I love playing Puccini when it’s pouring rain outside with all of my windows open.


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Glenda Jackson as King Lear

Glenda Jackson as King Lear

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