photo by Cydney Holm

photo by Cydney Holm


A workbook filled with questions, list-making ideas, and prompts for taking inventory of the self;

One step in a direction of exploring parts of the mind + present tense that are new, unknown, and full of possibility.  An exercise for breaking through creative, emotional, and transitional roadblocks.

Inspired aesthetically by 1960s/70s instruction and DIY manuals, it distills the Moon Lists questions into 18 months of original prompts.


“Artists, poets, whatever you want to call those people whose job is “making” take in the commonplace and are forever recognizing it as worthwhile.

I think I am always collecting in a way, walking down a street with my eyes open, looking through a magazine, viewing a movie, visiting a museum
or grocery store. Some of the things I collect are tangible and mount into piles of many layers and when the time comes to use those saved images I dig like an archaeologist and sometimes find what I want and sometimes don’t.”

— Sister Corita Kent

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by Cydney Holm

by Cydney Holm


“An ordinary life was an obscure life, if we can extend the meaning of obscure to mean covered up by dailiness, glorious dailiness, shameful dailiness, dailiness that is difficult to figure out, that is not always clear until a long time afterward. Obscure: not readily noticed, easily understood, or clearly expressed. Which is a pretty good definition of life.”

Mary Ruefle, “I Remember, I Remember”