Casey Zhang

Casey Zhang is based in New York and works in social media at Etsy. On the side, she collaborates with furniture design studio Studio Snng.

01    Nature

The soft dappled light coming through live oak and Spanish moss trees on a weekend trip in Savannah, Georgia. Strolls through the squares and parks there were especially magical in the early morning.

02    Object (old)

Revisiting old family photos from China. Reminders of (1) how my parents and I are immigrants to this country and (2) how different my life would have been if they hadn’t brought me here.

03    Object (new)

After almost a year in my current apartment, I got a full length mirror. The number of mirror selfies taken so far is a mystery to be discovered in the camera roll of my phone.

04    Surprise

Arriving home to small but considerate gestures—two instances in particular: a cup of warming camomile tea, a thoughtful note handwritten on lined paper.

05    Encounter

Meta people watching on the subway. When someone becomes aware that you’re watching them watch someone else—and you both feel a little strange.

06    Night Out

Braving the snowstorm and embarking on a journey into Manhattan to find a bowl of pho. Ending up at an underground Japanese jazz club a few sakes later.

07    Day Out

On an unusually warm day, getting out of the city and taking a day trip to my favorite museum, Dia Beacon. Enjoying the crisp air upstate and paying respect to beautiful things in large, open space.

08    Time Alone

Taking a break from the news and making time for personal rituals. I’ve been enjoying the ceremony of making my own matchas at home. Also un-diligently playing the piano.

09    Time With A Friend

Spending an afternoon to collaborate on a photoshoot at my friend’s furniture design studio, Studio Snng, and sitting by the fire together afterwards to rest.

010    Movie / TV / Book

Rewatching one of my forever favorite movies, Lost in Translation. Spending more time browsing through my Netflix queue than watching anything. Perusing the beautiful collection at Dashwood Books. Listening to On Being (do podcasts count?) Finally getting my hands on a copy of Dunes, a beautiful book about women in palm springs designed by my friend Sarah Kissell.

011    Creative Act

Arranging meals in bowls. The constraints of using similar ingredients to create different variations of a meal is a satisfying exercise. Most recent recurring characters include kabocha squash (roasted whole), fresh ginger, watermelon radish, and mushrooms.


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my parents in beijing

my parents in beijing

imi knoebel at dia beacon

imi knoebel at dia beacon



Still from Lost in Translation

Still from Lost in Translation

meals in bowls

meals in bowls