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Currie Person is the founder and creative director of Spartan Shop, a furniture and home goods showroom and design consultancy based in Portland, OR.
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01    Object (new): a new object that held significance

We just bought a house (does that count as an object?) after an extensive search over more than two years. Holy shit, what an emotional ride. My husband and I have learned volumes about each other hashing out all the things that “home” mean to us aesthetically, functionally, symbolically.

02    Object (old): an old object that took on new/different kind of meaning

I recently discovered a printed photo that my pal Chantal Anderson stole of me swimming underwater in a pool in Palm Springs. I’m the the world’s most awkward photography subject; I likely only have about 5 or 10 photographs of myself as an adult, either digital or printed. I’m grateful that some instinct in me sent this image to the printers about 5 years ago. It evokes my very favorite sensation, which is opening my eyes underwater as I swim and watching the line of bubbles trail back from my fingertips.

03    Utility: describe an occasion when you felt useful.

I volunteered to plan and manage a memorial for the brother of dear friends, a vibrant and endlessly kind soul who died way too young. I hold a lot of fear and anxiety around death and dying and it was a shockingly gorgeous experience. The massive wave of love and light that washed over me from his family and community as they celebrated his life and danced late into the night will stay with me for a long, long time. This might be the only time in my life I have felt deeply, truly useful.

04    Story: What’s the best story you heard?

Three acquaintances of my husband were involved in a car chase with balaclava-donning gangsters down a long, lonely stretch of Mexican highway on the way back from a climbing trip. They were abducted and these lucky bastards narrowly escaped with their lives. The story is so long, tense, and cinematic it is hard to believe it actually happened, but we have seen photos that attest to the veracity of it all. I imagine the book and movie rights will be acquired ... it’s only a matter of time.

05    Nature: An encounter with the natural world

My friend Amy and I went for an “easy hike” on the last day on of a trip to Durango, Colorado. We scrambled up to the top of a ridge to find a menacing thunderstorm storm and sheets of rain rolling at us FAST across the valley. We tried the most immediate path down and were waved off by mountain bikers with tales of an angry, striking rattle snake. We ended up clumsily trail running the opposite direction for 9 miles before we found our way back to town. Nothing like being scared shitless to really push your fitness to the next level.

06    Minor secrets: Describe something you did in secret.

The weekend before we moved we made a surgical edit of our belongings, had a big garage sale, and then put all the rest on “free" tables in front of our house. From our stealthy vantage point on the second floor, my three-year-old son and I were quite entertained watching strangers interact with our intimate belongings and speculating who was going to take what.

07    Proportion: A specific moment that reminded you of the scale of the universe; that you are part of a greater whole.

I try not to define my existence or identity around being a parent, yet it is pretty astounding that something that we have been undertaking as a species for 300,000 (had to Google that) years is still so daunting and mysterious, and yet so damn enjoyable.

08    Culture: A list of front-burner interests from the last month

Can’t get enough of Mosin Hamid. His work is incredibly timely, sharply funny, magical, and poetic. I have not managed to carve out enough time for exercise and reading of late, so I listen to his books as I run. I find his voice to be hypnotically beautiful.


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new house — in 1962

new house — in 1962

Swimming portrait, photo by Chantal Anderson

Swimming portrait, photo by Chantal Anderson

a memorial that ends in dancing

a memorial that ends in dancing

Durango hiking views

Durango hiking views