Erika Brosnan

Erika Brosnan is a midwife in Austin, TX

01    Object (new): a new object that held significance

My new friend Jenny recently gave me a gift. I am not a big jewelry wearer, so I find other ways to "accessorize." For the past few months, bandanas have been serving as my neckwear/hairwear. Jenny took notice and gave me a lovely, light pink bandana with a Texas wildflower print on it. It's handmade and was made by a friend of hers. Gifting randomly and not at the traditional times of the year holds an authenticity that I no longer feel at Christmas or on my birthday. Floored by her thoughtfulness, I have been treasuring this bandana, wearing it most days. It has been a reminder to me to be unconventionally generous; gift when they least expect it.

02    Object (old): an old object that took on new/different kind of meaning

In midwifery, we use round, tailor's tape measures to monitor a pregnant woman's fundal height. The fundal height is the measured distance (in centimeters) from a woman's pubic bone to the top of the growing uterus (the fundus). Generally, the fundal height corresponds with how many weeks pregnant a woman is, give or take a centimeter or two. This is how we monitor fetal growth without having to use ultrasound. My round yellow measuring tape is not currently measuring any fundal heights, but rather is keeping my own eight-month-old constantly entertained. I take it with us, plane, or stroller, Maeve is usually clutched onto the yellow body of the measure with the metered tape either in her mouth or wrapped around her wrists, ankles, whatever.

03    Utility: describe an occasion when you felt useful.

Received a text from a friend that read "Got a vag question." I love troubleshooting and alleviating any sort of vag issue, especially for my gal pals.

04    Story: What’s the best story you heard?

I have a friend who just got back from vacation in Japan. My favorite trip highlight was that an old Japanese woman told her she had "incredible" chopstick skills, so she bought herself an expensive pair.

05    Nature: An encounter with the natural world

This time of year, an influx of spiders move in with us. It's pretty common for me to take a shower with a spider either on the ledge or wall. It seems to always be a different one that looks vastly different from the visitor before. I usually stare at it for awhile and ponder how many types of spiders are currently in my house, in the world, in the universe?

06    Minor secrets: Describe something you did in secret.

The last time I was grocery shopping, I snuck a taste of dried mangos and a fancy dark chocolate salted caramel from the bulk section. Knowingly guilty, I casually slipped the delicacies out of the bin and into my mouth, eating while staring at the signs that ask you not to take samples.

07    Proportion: A specific moment that reminded you of the scale of the universe; that you are part of a greater whole

I am an extreme extrovert. I often proclaim that "I don't require ANY alone time" and I'm proud of this fact. I get my fill from being around other people and being exposed to the passions, struggles, curiosities of others energizes me. I have two women's dinner groups I am currently a part of. Both have been enriching me beyond words. My cup is overflowing with strong female friendships and I am overwhelmed with gratitude; the feeling it gives me makes me think I might sort of understand the purpose of life.

08    Culture: A list of front-burner interests from the last month

- I can't stop making a corn/peach/basil/burrata salad. Its pretty killer.
- I set a summer intention and have been reflecting on that intention each day; highly recommend this exercise
- Interested in/reading about integrative medicine in women's health (got a couple of books going)

09    What was missing last month?

A sun protecting hat; yoga/meditation at home; public pools; a date night


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a gift: wildflower bandana

a gift: wildflower bandana

Maeve's measuring tape

Maeve's measuring tape

important text messages

important text messages

chopstick skills

chopstick skills