Félicia Atkinson

Félicia Atkinson is a visual artist, an experimental musician and the co-publisher of the independent imprint Shelter Press. Her works deals mostly with the topics of improvisation, fiction, instant composition, noise, abstraction and poetry. Born in Paris, she is based in Brittany, France.

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01    CHANGE: A change you enacted with intention, or one that came from the outside.

I have a two-and-a-half-month old baby at home, so change is every day. I saw him grabbing things more with his little hands and also rolling on his side.

02    SIMPLE NOURISHMENT: What simply satisfied you? Maybe it was a ten-minute phone call with a friend. Maybe it was a perfectly timed bath. Maybe it was a sandwich.

I like to walk to the park and see how seasons decay. This month, I picked some sequoia and cedar needles and put them in my pockets.

03    NEW TO YOU: What did you do for the first time, as a beginner or simply with a new sense of openness?

I get strength in my arms carrying my baby everyday. At 37, becoming a mother has changed me physically and completely: Even though I don’t sleep that much and feel exhausted, I have never felt this strong and alive.

04    ABUNDANCE: What was plentiful?

I like to cook with miso. I used rice miso this time for a nourishing plate of soba, vegetables, coriander and tofu (I also suggest it in soup, served with fried rice.)

05    LOSS: What was lost, what are you mourning? Maybe it is minor. Maybe it was more of a simplification than a “loss.”

I lost our match box and couldn’t light the candles. Disappointing.

06    MYSTERY: Describe a mystery from the last month. What happened that you can’t explain?

Breastfeeding remains to me an everyday wonder. The fact that each woman's milk is so special and tailor-made for each baby is so incredible.

07    FRONT BURNER LIST: What was read, watched, seen, listened to? Any colors, tastes, sensorial details that stand out?

I enjoyed listening the composers Catherine Christer Hennix and Harumi Hosono while drawing
Each morning I made myself a morning porridge with dry apricots, maple syrup, and cinnamon; also, a fennel and carvi tea.
It’s still very dark outside and I liked opening the window and breathe in the humid air.
I haven't found a lot of time to read lately but I enjoyed reading "On Trails" by Robert Moore

08    PROPORTION: A specific moment that reminded you of the scale of the universe, that you are part of a greater whole. An outdoor shower in the mountains. A particular drive at night. Reading a certain quotation at the right time.

I feel deeply connected with Californian sequoias. They are a few of them in Brittany where I live and I feel that their power is so wide and generous; I try to go to see the sequoias everyday in the park while thinking of the sound piece "The Park" by Robert Ashley.


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