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Jen Vitale is a stylist and the owner of Association, a retail space and gallery, in Portland, OR.
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01    Nature

Not actually an experience in nature, but for some reason Earth Day this year made me really anxious. I worry about what my child will inherit one day, especially with the current political climate we are experiencing. Hope there's enough of us who are willing to protect this planet cause it's all we've got.

02    Object (old)

Went to grab my credit card to pay for groceries the other day and accidentally pulled out a NYC metro card instead. Was instantly reminded of my most recent trip. I was there for work but it didn't feel like it, I was having so much fun. I spent the evenings talking over long dinners with a best friend who I don't see often enough. We both have toddlers, so the time with just the two of us felt really special.

03    Object (new)

A himalayan salt stone that a friend sent me for good luck. I recently transitioned my online store to a brick and mortar and the positive vibes we're needed. I've kept the stone on the counter next to me at the shop.

04    Surprise

Beautiful flowers from a friend, delivered to me on our opening day!

05    Encounter

I've seen lots of new and old faces since opening the shop. I've been meeting people in my community who I didn't even know existed. It feels like a new era in Portland! I'm ready for it.

06    Night Out

Solange in concert. The dance moves, her voice, it was a dream.

07    Day Out

A recent sunny day walk with my son, Julien. I love watching the world through his eyes. He forces me to slow down and pay attention.

08    Time Alone

Not a lot of that right now. Balancing my life with a toddler and all the extroverted moments at work is a new challenge for me - I definitely recharge by spending time alone. I imagine I'll find a new flow soon.

09    Time With A Friend

My friend invited me to a Seder that her sister was hosting. I've been meaning to go in the past but finally this year made it happen. The food was so good! And there was so much wine! I left feeling full and happy.

010    Movie / TV / Book

No movies/tv lately. Been sneaking in chapters of Joan Didion's 'South and West.' and I just finished Maggie Nelson's 'Bluets.'

011    Creative Act

After months of planning/designing/building, it felt amazing to finally release what was in my head out into the world. Cathartic. I can be a perfectionist and obsess over small details, but once we were open I was able to take a step back and enjoy the work I (we, my husband built much of the space with his own two hands) had put into it.


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Andy Goldsworthy circa 1970's

Andy Goldsworthy circa 1970's

salt stone

salt stone