Johanna Tagada

Johanna Tagada is a French painter and interdisciplinary artist based in London. She is the founder of Poetic Pastel and BON SU.
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01    Nature

Tiny flowers. Purple, soft blue, gentle yellows.
Collected and offered by Agia, our niece.
Choosing a petit vase together.
Gazing at the pretty petals. Drawing.

02    Object (old)

Vessels received from my grandmother.

03    Object (new)

An Egg dress. Space for my body to dance, jump.
A collaboration with an inspiration. Spring 2016.

04    Surprise

01. Perhaps feeling that more of us seem to make the active decision to choose a vegetarian or vegan life. That more do actively care and realize that each daily choice has a political, social, and ecological meaning / impact.

02. Collecting the Epistolaire Imaginaire notebook memories in France! [editor's note: read more about the show here]
Seeing all these moments of simple happiness shared by the visitors.

05    Encounter

Meeting my sister in law’s newborn baby.

06    Night Out

Laughing - celebrating four years with Jatinder.

07    Day Out

Happening in a few hours — going to Windsor

08    Time Alone

Coming home on Thursday – cold.
The rain pouring – changing clothes.
A tisane, warm socks, essential oils.
Choosing a CD – pulling the rope of the player.
I learn we might set for a journey to South East Asia. Daydreaming.

09    Time With A Friend

A beige linen on the green grass, Naoi and I.
Onigiri, tea and dark chocolate donuts.
The wind, our words and laughter.

010    Movie / TV / Book

Movie: "I wish" by Hirokazu Koreeda

Book: Re-reading Soil Soul Society by Satish Kumar.
In the train, sipping in the day, literature, novels. It has always been a great pleasure of life for me to travel through one’s words. Yesterday it was Tsukushi by Aki Shimazaki.

011    Creative Act

Slowly assembling the scraps of fabrics I have been naturally dying for the past 16 months or so with the skins and pits of fruits and vegetables we eat. All unwanted cottons and linen which have been kindly donated. Doing so in order to compose a second habitat.


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EGG x Johanna Tagada 2016,&nbsp;photograph by Naoi Magaki

EGG x Johanna Tagada 2016, photograph by Naoi Magaki

Epistolaire Imaginaire - Merci, 2017 Galerie Jean-Francois Kaiser

Epistolaire Imaginaire - Merci, 2017 Galerie Jean-Francois Kaiser

"I wish" by Hirokazu Koreeda

"I wish" by Hirokazu Koreeda

"Soul Society" by Satish Kumar

"Soul Society" by Satish Kumar

Naturally dyed fabrics

Naturally dyed fabrics