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Kate dePara is the designer of the line Evens. She lives in Houston, TX
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01    Nature

nature: Last week, on a plane flight from Texas to San Francisco, I watched as we passed across the entirety of White Sands National Monument. It was vast and otherworldly, and I was struck by the starkness with which it bordered civilization and agricultural developments.

02    Object (old)

I recently discovered a photograph that my mother took as a teenager— her brother doing a backflip into Lake Champlaign in Vermont. I found it just after she passed away in December and among the many things she left behind, I chose to keep this. It’s so, so invigorating. It encapsulates love, adventure, touch, the vastness of nature, her connection to siblings, summer, risk, confidence, focus… I could go on. This month, I matted and framed it. Now, it hangs next to my bed.

03    Object (new)

Aside from plants or magazines, it’s rare that I buy new things. Last week, I bought a hand-bound artist book (he’d call it a zine) by Chris Dea. He is a new friend who made the work a few years ago, but it’s entirely fresh to me. His photos take me to new places—it’s now a highly coveted object in our home.

04    Surprise

I’ve traveled a lot over the past three weeks. Among many things, those trips have reminded me how important it is for me to travel. Three weeks and three cities led me to many more surprises: architecture, people and conversations, walks and routes, new foliage, long car rides, and aerial views. I’m exhausted, but gratified—I’ve taken in as many new things as miles I’ve covered on foot.

05    Encounter

My friends had a baby named Max! It’s the first time my close friends have given birth, and I was humbled to meet her at only three weeks old. I’ve never met a baby so young! It was gorgeous, magical. Watching Max see things for the first time, feel hunger, know how to eat—and to watch her parents love her so much—it was the most precious encounter. I felt an intensity I’ve only experienced a few times in my life. In that moment, I felt as if I was put on earth to witness nature’s glory.

06    Night Out

Lately, I’ve treated my nights like they’re precious. They’re punctuated by baths with salts and oils, intro-and extro-spection, planning, and preparing for the next day’s work. I haven’t coveted nights in for years like I do now; that’s probably because I’m so embedded and in love my work and projects right now.

07    Day Out

A train ride from the south to the Mid-Atlantic. Coming from a place as large as Texas, crossing state lines in 15-minute increments was something I’d never experienced before. In Texas, we drive for 12 hours and only see the time zone change.

08    Time Alone

I typically spend three out of five weekdays alone in the studio, cycling through music, podcasts, silence, and overheard conversations across our open-air walls. While I’ve worked in a studio setting for seven years on my own projects, I still struggle with varying levels of confidence, aloneness, and purpose. Yet, my moods have become more and more like clockwork, and my anxiety levels have recessed; I’ve learned that the spark always returns and downs always go up.

09    Time With A Friend

I stayed in a hotel room with two of my grad school colleagues (and best friends in the world) at a hotel in Richmond for a wedding weekend. We had a wonderful time exploring the city, but my favorite moments were there in the hotel—half naked, sleeping-in, talking about what life’s been like for the past four years, telling each other how much we love each other, and why/how we never feel as at home with anyone as we do with each other.

010    Movie / TV / Book

Days of Heaven, The Night Manager, Nature’s Nation by Mystery Spot Books.

011    Creative Act

I’ve been painting and tracing photographs that I took in Mexico City for our fall textile prints. I took them from 14 stories up, overlooking the Plaza de la Constitucion. The set represents roughly 20 photographs taken over the course of an hour or so—it’s people walking, talking, hugging, pushing carts, toting procurements, going from A to B, etc… There is an intimacy to these photos that I didn’t expect. They’ve been an aesthetic and creative surprise.


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zine by Chris Dea

zine by Chris Dea

undesigning the bath by leonard koren

undesigning the bath by leonard koren

Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven