Kate Waitzkin

Kate Waitzkin is a yoga instructor in Austin, TX

01    Nature

The weather, unseasonably warm for a February day in Austin, Texas. The limbs above me stood crisp and bare, a soft gray coat against the pale blue sky. Harshness of branch, cushioned with ball moss. The swing beneath me, always reminding me of a dreamcatcher and usually holding the laughter-filled bodies of my boys, now gently supported my own. I was carried, flying, floating from side to side like a metronome. An intimate moment with the sky, the earth, the wind all at once to create this experience of ease and now-ness, just for me.

02    Object (old)

Every winter I pull out this ultra-cozy pair of slippers that were hand-knitted by my grandmother, Iris “Lali” Williams. She made these slippers for my dad years ago and at some point they migrated to my closet.

03    Object (new)

Newly painted dining room – French Blue. My husband and I painted the room together (mostly his work), which makes it even more enjoyable for us to look at.

04    Surprise

Our three boys (all under the age of 7) play on a basketball league -- watching them navigate the process of dribbling the ball, shooting the ball, and making a basket just blows my mind every time. How these tiny, resilient, brilliant humans can maneuver like this – I’m in awe and pleasantly surprised every time.

05    Encounter

On a recent Sunday morning, I sat in the driver’s seat of my parked car taking a few minutes of quiet and reflection before walking into the South Congress Hotel to lead my monthly Sunday Ritual yoga + meditation class (see below). My eyes were closed and I heard a tap on my window. When I opened my eyes, I was greeted by a mockingbird. He stayed with me for several minutes, hopping from window to window, tapping and chirping as if he had a message to share with me. Later that evening, I did some research on mockingbirds and their symbolism, one of which is assisting in “finding your sacred song.” This, a journey of discovery that has been front + center for me in the past year.

06    Night Out

The first of our recently-declared monthly pub gathering with our dear couple friends. Involved were Pictionary, dark beers, belly laughs, obscene sketches, and storytelling.

07    Day Out

We’ve spent much of our weekends this month around the house playing outside and working on house projects. I remember one particular Saturday afternoon on a picnic blanket in the front yard, sharing lunch and soaking up the sun. Bouncing between the swing, the basketball hoop and lounging in our laps. Contentment at its finest.

08    Time Alone

Precious, rare. Often looks like a pre-dawn cup of tea and quiet meditations in the dark.

09    Time With A Friend

A morning spent with a dear friend and her brand new baby. Soft morning light, the quiet hum of the sound machine, his tiny, warm body curled up asleep on my shoulder.

010    Movie / TV / Book

Movie: Truth be told, these days getting out to a movie theatre feels like such a luxury that I’ll watch just about anything. I most recently saw Sing with my kids – honestly can’t remember the last movie I saw previous to that. (Note to self: time for a movie date)

TV: The Queen / The Affair / Homeland / House of Cards. . .

Book: Prayers of Voice by Pixie Lighthorse, a new read that reminds me of the potent and universal power of prayer – and that there is no “right” way to pray. Art of Attention by Elena Brower, gorgeous photography, inspired quotes, and nuggets of wisdom from one of the most significant influences on my teaching, Elena Brower. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - so many translations to choose from. I’ve been reading this text repeatedly for over 10 years now. Each time through is a new experience.

011    Creative Act

Sunday Ritual. A once-monthly yoga experience I dreamed up a few years ago has now finally come to life. A morning of yoga, guided meditation, music, and community connection. The preparation that goes into each Sunday Ritual gathering is easily one of my most creative (and soul fulfilling) acts to date.


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Lali's slippers

Lali's slippers