Katie Bernstein

Katie Bernstein was born in the south but lives in the pacific northwest. she plays music in the band houndstooth. her newest music project is called earth babies. her newest life project is making films.

01    Nature

The swimming season finally arrived and this moon's most memorable swims include a skinny dip in an almost painfully cold mountain stream, a float in the John Day River in a a prehistoric valley, a warm glide through a clear blue lake, and most recently, a bright and crisp salt swim off the rocks in Maine where I am right now.

02    Object (old)

I have started writing in my notebook again after a good long while. This one is a black unlined Moleskine that I started in Paris in May 2013. It's filled with notes, letters and lists, and pressed flowers. I’m interested in the idea of why I write the most when I’m away from home. I feel the most present when on the road. Someone I met recently talked about traveling to Japan and rather than taking photographs to document his trip, he wrote in a notebook, describing each place as if he were writing a letter to a different person in his life. I’ve been thinking on this when writing my morning notes.

03    Object (new)

I bought a gold and red suitcase.

04    Surprise

I surprised myself this month by quitting my job of several years and enrolling in a six-week filmmaking workshop in Maine. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years. The act endeared me to the idea that we can always be who we want to be and do the things we say we’re going to do.

05    Encounter

I met my neighbor in what I can only describe as the “neighbor from Home Alone” type of character reveal. John and I came upon him a couple weeks ago attempting to lift a clawfoot tub into his house by himself. He lives two doors down from me in a small rickety house, windows sealed up, shades drawn tight, a no trespassing sign hung in the window. I actually saw him actively hiding from me once. He’s about 70 years old, with a scruffy beard. We went over and asked if he needed help. First he said no, but after a second ask, he accepted the favor. After the tub was inside, he held out his hand, introduced himself, and proceeded to tell us in depth the full history of our street. He described the neighborhood bar as a “rough ‘em up” type place and told us of a 20-year feud he has with another neighbor.

06    Night Out

I went to see the Space Lady at the Hollywood Theatre. She supported her family for decades as a street performer in San Francisco playing mostly covers with an accordion or keyboard, wearing a winged helmet with a blinking red light on top. She recently came out of "retirement" to play a few shows and was visibly moved by the size of the crowd that turned out. The show was beautiful and a true inspiration. She sang a love song to Mother Earth. Her grandson worked the merch table.

07    Day Out

I did some epic exploring of Oregon this month. We took a trip to see the opening of my sister Emily’s brilliant video piece with our friend Julia called Cookie and Wayne. Emily and Julia’s piece was shown in a beautiful shuttered theater’s front window in a small town called La Grande. We pulled out some old theater seats, drank beers, and ate Chinese takeout, watching the video on repeat until the sun went down.

08    Time Alone

Long solo walks in Rockport.

09    Time With A Friend

I’ve been so lucky to live next door to both my sisters this summer. We’ve spent many golden hours in our backyard drinking wine and soaking in the inflatable pool, always talking talking talking.

010    Movie / TV / Book

Book: H is For Hawk - I loved this book. It was beautifully written and an interesting coalescence of many truths - grief, falconry and the life and work of a suffering author of another era.

Between the World and Me - Required reading for everyone in America.

We Are As Gods - A book about the back to the land movement of the 70s. A true account that reads like fiction.

TV: Stranger Things - I watched this between my hands. I’m a candy ass when it comes to scary movies. The casting of it is just so perfect.

011    Creative Act

Quitting my job.


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swimming in Rockport, Maine.&nbsp;

swimming in Rockport, Maine. 

notes to self

notes to self

film still from a current project by katie bernstein

film still from a current project by katie bernstein

the space lady

the space lady

eating lobster in maine

eating lobster in maine