Kayten Schmidt

Kayten Schmidt is an artist and photographer living in Los Angeles.
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01    Nature

Falling asleep to the coyotes howling and waking up to the sprinklers going off every morning.

02    Object (old)

I pulled out an old camera that I had written off, an inferior model with a not great lens, after looking through work I made with it years ago and yearning to recapture some quality of that time or those ideas.

03    Object (new)

A new black silk blouse, with a pussy bow and a beautiful cuff. It's too hot to wear it.

04    Surprise

Unexpected mail, both gifts and large bills.

05    Encounter

I met two new cats friends recently/ Cat's resonate with me more than people, and I have an easier time remembering their names.

06    Night Out

Inappropriate laughing at other people's calamities. Too much wine erasing memories.

07    Day Out

Most days out were spent working, exhausting my feet, and frying my brain.

08    Time Alone

Restorative and unproductive alone time this month. Singing, dancing, and laying around staring at the ceiling.

09    Time With A Friend

Coffee with a friend, sometimes three in one day. A lot of time sitting at cafe's or coffee shops. Lots of tea, coffee, soymilk, matcha, and turmeric consumed just to spend time with ones I love when we both need to get out of the house.

010    Movie / TV / Book

Rohmer's "Conte de printemps" (1990) / Wheel of Fortune (yes it is still on) / Vestoj Journal

011    Creative Act

Film, in many ways. Things have started moving. Being filmed and filming. Sound has been captured. Speaking.


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too hot for a new blouse

too hot for a new blouse

an old camera through a new perspective

an old camera through a new perspective