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Krysta Jabczenski is a photographer in Tucson, AZ
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photo by Krysta Jabczenski

photo by Krysta Jabczenski

Most of the time when I go on longer trail runs I’m accompanied by a couple friends but one rainy spring morning this month,  I chose to go solo. It was liberating to feel encapsulated by the wilderness but also a little vulnerable and dangerous when you’re alone. The thought of a mountain lion or a snake kept infiltrating my thoughts. It’s only a matter of time before I have a stand off with some life threatening animal that I’ll have to pretend to be more dangerous than. I continue to weigh the differences between humanity and nature and why we separate the two. Had dreams later this month about mountain lions coming into my backyard.

On a side note, that morning, being rainy and in the spring, I learned that bees use wildflowers as beds. Every time I peeked into a partially closed wildflower, there was a sweet bee all curled up and keeping dry. So cute!



significant object:
old: We had tie-dye party this month with cochineal from cactus in our backyard and indigo from a friend. I dug through my bin of B-team clothes and gave them a new life in a new hue.   

new:  I received a Jimmy Carter and the Dallas Country Green record this month and have been playing it non-stop. I’m sure I’ll get sick of it soon and it will later remind me of 2016.

My husband Joel surprised me with a two-night stay at one of my favorite places in the world for our anniversary, The Arizona Inn.  

a Bombax tree. Photo by Krysta Jabczenski

a Bombax tree. Photo by Krysta Jabczenski


Our family took a short road trip into Mexico to visit our friend Isadora’s home town, Moctezuma and to buy leather boots for a store we're opening called Palo It’s a very small town. Her family lives just a block or two from the plaza. One morning I was cleaning out our car in front of her house and I heard unexpected church bells. Her neighbors (mostly old women) immediately came outside and started looking around, asking “Que Paso??”  I had no idea what was going on and Isadora told me later that when church bells ring unexpectedly, it’s because someone has just informed the church about a death.

night out:
The night we arrived in Moctezuma, we were eating at an outdoor taco stand and a truck with a speakerphone drove by announcing to the town that there was a circus at 8pm. Que interestante! It felt like we just time traveled to the 1950s; we were just happy to be in a place where announcing something from a truck was still effective. Joel and I had never been to a circus and we had Weston with us so it seemed fun to go. It was all pretty tame until the juggler invited kids to come to the stage and chase him around with fire: “Uhhhhh...Is this okay?? Seems not okay. But...ok?”

day out:
While we were in Mexico we went to Hermosillo for the day. It was a long, hot car ride and we were all feeling a little spent. Once we finally arrived to the town square, we came across a tree we’d never seen before: a Bombax. It had bright pink, tassel-like flowers. Huge! And gorgeous. We all climbed the tree and took photos of it and everyone around was telling us about it and how we came at just the right week in the year to see it.  So funny how a silly tree instantly changed our moods and set a better pace for the rest of the day. We continued to go shopping and out for drinks and dinner.  

time alone:
I’ve recently been relishing a 9pm evening bath ritual. It seems to be the only part of my day that’s not rushed. I really take my time, I use calming herbs, and essential oils. It’s the perfect place to meditate, to be alone, to reflect on the day, prep for the next, and transition into a restful sleep.  

time with a friend:  
A dear friend came for a last-minute visit to Tucson from LA. We took a day trip trip to Organ Pipe National Park, cooked meals together, and snuck into the pool at the Arizona Inn, but my favorite time spent with her was just going for a walk a night. We meant to go out for a drink, but whenever we got to a bar we thought, meh, we don’t even feel like drinking. It was too nice just walking and talking. I loved showing her Tucson and taking her to all my usual spots.  

The Natural House, image via  eBay

The Natural House, image via eBay

Sally Mann, via  The New York Times

Sally Mann, via The New York Times

movie / tv / book:
The books on my nightstand are really piling up. Collectively, it’s an accurate snapshot of my life. They never get read all the way through, but it’s nice to choose one according to my mood:  
Oh, Crap! Potty Training
True Tales of the Mojave Desert: from Talking Rocks to Yucca Man
The Strawbale House
Desert Gardening
The Natural House Book
Healing with Whole Foods
Native Landscaping from LA to El Paso

Hold Still by Sally Mann

creative act:
In an attempt to organize and utilize everything I do, I’ve been creating a website called Palo. It will serve as a platform for the two apartments we rent on Airbnb, a small webstore of products fit for desert life, and a blog of plant portraits, interviews, and travel notes. It’s taken all skills of my creativity from photography, curation, writing, editing, graphic design, drawing, interior design...Sheesh! It's really been a great outlet for me. Hopefully I can share it soon.