Lauren Ardis

Lauren Ardis is a vintage buyer and stylist, and runs online shop, mono-ha. She lives in Berkeley, CA.
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01    Nature

A day trip to Mendocino, my favorite Northern California beach. The accessible beach is small, but has some of the most interesting moss-covered rock formations. The shore is covered in driftwood that visitors have made forts from, and the ocean is a very distinct, deep blue-green.

02    Object (old)

A gold and opal necklace that belonged to my grandmother. I found it while looking for something else (who knows what that was now?) and have been wearing it every day since.

03    Object (new)

Two small jade rings purchased in a rock shop along the way to Mendocino.

04    Surprise

A few decent photos from a disposable camera that I had developed. I’d been carrying it around with me for a few months, so I had no idea what was going to be on it.

05    Encounter

A friend of mine got married this month, and as we were walking into the ceremony, two small deer ran out in front of us and back up into the hills. It felt like a special omen.

06    Night Out

The aforementioned wedding between two close friends of mine. The whole night was filled with special details, from the hand-painted table numbers to the most sincere, special toast from Annie’s grandmother. Their ceremony began in a Redwood grove, transitioned to a botanical garden, and ended in a karaoke bar. It was the best night.

07    Day Out

We spent a sunny afternoon with the three little girls I used to nanny for. It was an afternoon of swimming, hide-and-seek, laughing ... pure kid summer magic.

08    Time Alone

My husband was gone for a few days this month, which gave me quite a lot of alone time. I took longer walks, stayed up much later than normal, and talked to as few people as possible. It is very important for me to talk only to myself every once in awhile.

09    Time With A Friend

A delicious dinner prepared with my good friend Gabrielle. We eat together four days a week at work, but our dinners always seem to go on and on. So many stories, ideas, reflections, tea drinking ... they are treasured evenings.

010    Movie / TV / Book

movie: Notebook on Cities and Clothes, the 1989 Wim Wenders documentary on Yohji Yamamamto.
tv: I’ve been on a big Mad Men kick. It feels like a completely different show to me in my late 20s as opposed to my early 20s when it first aired.
book: Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews, by Calvin Tomkins. A passage that resonated with me - Calvin on Marcel, in conversation with Paul Chan: “Art can be anything. It isn’t an object or even an image, it’s an activity of the spirit.”

011    Creative Act

A collaborative styling project with a group of very talented women. I had been hoping for an opportunity to incorporate my vintage collection into a styling project for someone other than myself, and this was the best first experience. We shot throughout the Mission District in SF, experimenting with all of the different textures and colors, and chasing the rare, coveted summer sun. I had been feeling a sort of creative lull for the weeks leading up to this, and it was just the kind of job I needed to remind myself to keep going.


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images from Mendocino Beach. photo by Lauren Ardis

images from Mendocino Beach. photo by Lauren Ardis

film from a disposible camera. photo by Lauren Ardis

film from a disposible camera. photo by Lauren Ardis

screenshot from Notebook on Cities and Clothes

screenshot from Notebook on Cities and Clothes

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp