Lauren Spencer King

Lauren Spencer King is an artist and breathwork meditation healer in los angeles
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01    Nature

Aspen, clematis, olive, hornbeam, walnut, water violet, sweet chestnut — all in my custom blended flower remedy. It reminds me to trust that nature can heal.

02    Object (old)

The returning of my Stacking Stools by Florence Knoll and rare woven leather Lounge Chair by Jens Risom. Both used to belong to my grandfather, he was a midcentury architect. The St. Louis Art Museum borrowed them for an exhibition last year on midcentury design.

03    Object (new)

A friend and woman I admire gave me her pearl bracelet for my birthday, after I complemented her on it, telling her that I feel so drawn to pearls lately. She slid it on my wrist, telling me she got it while in India with her son and that it has the blessings of the Ganges River.

04    Surprise

I watched a fox run across the road in the middle of London. I was informed that there is a large garden fox population there. I had no idea.

05    Encounter

I got to see an incredible woman in London who is the founder of Phytobiophysics, a practice of using the vibration of nature for healing the body. She could track the trauma I hold to the exact date it happened; events that spanned from the time I was born to now. Experiences, relationships, losses, viruses, and even things like vaccines that have had a negative effect on my health for years, things that no doctor has ever been able to explain or heal. It was truly incredible.

06    Night Out

When the time changes and it is dark earlier I don’t like to be out at night. It's strange, I know. I wish it wasn't like that. One night I went out on a date, or at least I think it was a date. I don't really get dating these days.

07    Day Out

I spent one afternoon with my dad, he wanted to take me to the You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966 - 1970 show at the Victoria & Albert Museum. It was all about the era he grew up in. Everything from the influence of the Beatles, LSD and free love, to the Vietnam War, second wave Feminism and the Black Panthers. There was one room that had film footage from Woodstock projected on all the walls. We sat together for about 20 minutes, listening to the music and watching the scene. He has an incredible memory of his life and of history. Afterward we got lunch and he told me so many stories about what it was like to be alive during that time, about being drafted and returning to life after Vietnam, about music and how it was political, about the counterculture making its way to our small, midwest hometown, about his desire to rebel and the pressure to settle down.

08    Time Alone

I usually prefer spending time alone, I need more of it than the average bear. I just had three days of it in Paris. I am trying to learn when being alone is important for me, and when it becomes about isolating in an unhealthy way. I’m working on it.

09    Time With A Friend

My birthday was November 7th. I had a very relaxed brunch, walked to my favorite place down the street from my house to meet my nearest and dearest ladies. I was so happy and touched by being together with all of them. I cry now thinking back on it. There was something extra potent this month about the important role women play in our society (where our voices are heard, where they are not, what has and hasn’t changed for us), and the power of women coming together in a very elemental way, in a way where we are saying, “We are here.” I felt like I got to witness that on a new level that morning. And it felt really personal because they were women in my life who are amazing, powerful, beautiful women, all together in front of me. It was very moving and felt so much bigger than just that moment. It was like looking into the future, and seeing what is possible.

010    Movie / TV / Book

Movie: "Heart of Glass"
TV: "The Crown"
Books: A Homeopathic Love Story: The Story of Samuel and Mélanie Hahnemann, Chardin and Rembrandt by Marcel Proust, Politics of Feelings / Economies of Love, and lots of back issues of the New Yorker.

011    Creative Act

I was only in the studio the first week of this month. The rest has been spent traveling and visiting family in Europe. I went to the Wallace Collection the other day in London. I remembered how important it is for me as an artist to walk around a museum alone and in silence. Especially one with art that predates the 1900’s. I got so inspired by a myriad of things that excite me about getting back to work when I get home. Things like how the chain that hangs the paintings from the celling looks against the dusty blue silk wallpaper, the contrasting marbles, seeing paintings in person that I wrote about in Graduate School, or looking for an abnormally long time at how the fur of a dead deer was painted.

I just got so excited about Painting (with a capital P), about what it can do and about what it means to be a painter now in relationship to its history. I remembered how having the space to look and think can be a huge part of creativity.


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stacking stools

stacking stools



Victoria &amp; Albert Museum, London

Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Paris corners

Paris corners

Heart of Glass - Werner Herzog hypnotizing his actors

Heart of Glass - Werner Herzog hypnotizing his actors

Lauren's studio

Lauren's studio