Lili Cuzor

Lili Cuzor is a floral artist in Los Angeles, CA
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01    Nature

I have created a children’s garden mostly for Aele to enjoy but equally for me to practice mediation. Gardening is the way I meditate. Right now I have tomatoes, summer squash, parsley, kale, sage, lavender, and a very scrawny cucumber vine that I am really rooting for.

02    Object (old)

Yelena Yemchuk’s book Gidro Park

03    Object (new)

I finally set up my new film scanner (the world is my oyster!)

04    Surprise

We lost four friends in the past five weeks, three in the last four weeks. Sudden, unexpected, and untimely deaths. One was of a very young child. I never have felt such loss after loss after loss after loss. It felt like waves coming in and right as I was getting closer to shore another wave would swoop in and take me back to the deeper waters. The kind of tumultuous waters that make me pause and re-examine life and the things I take for granted. The realization that life really is about the ones I love and how much time I can (physically) spend with them, loving them. Someone shared with me that the death of a loved one/s isn’t something that you ever get over but instead absorb. This made me think about how much we must absorb in a lifetime.

05    Encounter

Louie, a retriever that smells like a coconut and has a crimped golden lion's mane.

06    Night Out

Celebrating Alana’s birthday on a balmy summer's night in an old church-turned-restaurant downtown.

07    Day Out

A walk around Lake Shrine and the temple's gardens in the Pacific Palisades to celebrate Elijah’s 36th birthday.We pretended that we were in India while Aele fed ducks and koi for the very first time in her life. Her experiencing the world is quite possibly the greatest collection of gifts I have ever known.

08    Time Alone

I have been spending so much alone time in my car, driving to and fro through the canyons and concrete streets of the city of angels while listening to George Harrison’s "Run of the Mill" (Early Takes Volume 1) on repeat.

09    Time With A Friend

My late night (aka after Aele has gone to bed) date with Amelia. We sat in my kitchen catching up, devouring some baked oatmeal cake + ice cream while discussing relationships, Mono Lake, and office politics. She is a newer friend but feels so much like an old friend.

010    Movie / TV / Book

Recently watched and admired (two films)
1) Turkish-French director Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s debut film, "Mustang." It had such a beautiful feel, although the story itself was quite sad. The soundtrack was composed by one of my favorite composers, Warren Ellis, and stayed with me for days after watching it.
2) Sydney Pollacks’ "Out of Africa." Ooooooh! Robert Redford and exquisite Meryl Streep. A slow, drawn out affair of the heart …
- no tv –
books (the stack on my bedside table truly seems to perform a dexterous balancing act while in slow rotation):
Sowing Seeds in the Desert / Masanobu Fukuoka
Our Life in Gardens / Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd
Small Is Beautiful / E.F. Schumacher
M Train / Patti Smith
Blue Nights / Joan Didion
Hold Still / Sally Mann

011    Creative Act

Morning Garden Visits! A photo/interview of persons I admire in gardens that I admire, either their own or one I specifically have chosen for them to explore. This is a nice way to collect a moment with things that I love in one fell swoop: people, gardens, photography, mornings and coffee. To be eventually bound into a book that showcases these secret gardens coming from the wonderful people who tend and admire them. Hopefully will get a few great tips for my own garden too.


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Aele's garden

Aele's garden

Lake Shrine, 35mm / Lili Cuzor

Lake Shrine, 35mm / Lili Cuzor

image from Yelena Yemchuk’s book Gidro Park

image from Yelena Yemchuk’s book Gidro Park

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

Tigers to Lilies wildflowers

Tigers to Lilies wildflowers