Marion Seury

marion seury is a writer based in paris

01    Nature

i felt the need to go to one of my favorite places - a restorative niche, as says susan cain in her book 'quiet : the power of introverts.' i took a last-minute train to go to this beach, close to where i grew up in south of france. a beach you reach by following a path along the sea and the bushes. only three colors to watch: the blue of the sea and sky, the beige of the sand and rocks, the green of the plants. only the sounds of the waves and wind. i know this place by heart and this is truly where i disconnect from the world to reconnect with myself.

02    Object (new)

a table bought on a whim. a little change i needed in my daily life. being materialist can make you happy with simple changes.

03    Object (old)

some old photos of my childhood apartment, where i lived until i was 5. these pictures were taken by my mom before i was born, and i’ve never seen them before. they made me realize how my mom and i can be so similar - taking pictures of things in our homes. i also had a crush on her chair!

04    Surprise

my mind was too busy to let space for surprises I think, but I’ve found myself booking some tickets to Warsaw, without really thinking about it, and then, the flights were confirmed. call it “self-surprise.”

05    Encounter

i ran into a friend from university. as we both studied in south of france, the chance to bump into each other in paris was thin. i haven’t seen him for many years,and it was fun to see how we took different paths in our lives.

06    Night Out

i managed to go to three not-work-related shows. a rare thing!

07    Day Out

a wedding in the countryside.

08    Time Alone

i used to spend a lot of time alone - i love / need it. but this month, not that much time spent alone, instead , i've been surrounded by a lot of friends.

09    Time With A Friend

one of my dearest friend is moving to Montreal. we enjoyed spending an evening on a little boat on a canal, just a few days before his move.

010    Movie / TV / Book

i dont have tv nor computer/internet at home so no tv, and i didn't find a lot of time to allow myself to go to movies.
but i saw the Taiwanese movie 'taipei story' by edward yang. the most photogenic movie i've ever seen.

book – someone forgot the book 'à ce soir' by writer/journalist laure adler at my place. she is a marguerite duras specialist and you can feel an influence on her writing i think. a very personal and emotional book. I read it straight. It shook my heart.

otherwise, ‘so you want to publish a magazine?’ by angharad lewis is always on my bedside table and I go through it regularly. very interesting read, full of tips and ideas.

011    Creative Act

i've started a zine about portraits of cats owned by musicians / creatives. the subject is a bit silly, but we are talking about cats ! I wanted to do this for so long !


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restorative space

restorative space

new table

new table

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old apartment

Taipei story

Taipei story