october 2016

Hello to October. Three strangers, three places, three different outlooks from the month past.

• time alone
• objects that represent a mix of nostalgia and struggle (but ultimate growth)
• podcast catchups (specifically vis a vis “on being” and all things krista tippett)

The Lists:

Julie Pointer, Santa Barbara, CA):
- wind
- shorthand
- sense of place (and gratitude thereof)
- sun-taut skin
- semi-mindless tasks

Katherine Noble, Austin, TX:
- keeping tabs on wildlife
- ephemera (past and recent)
- “empathy is the most difficult art form”
- supernatural air conditioning
- mani/pedis

Jesy Fortino, Seattle, WA:
- fruitful procrastination
- running shoes
- spider encounters
- finishing back-burner projects