october 2017

this month, some new prompts! craving lightness and easily digestible perspective this month. be gentle.

here are the new prompts if you'd like to participate:

01 STORY: what's the best story you've heard this month?
02 NATURE: an experience with the natural world.
03 ART EXPERIENCE: an experience with art (in any form).
04 CHANGE: a meaningful change that impacts the way you live (either that you initiated or that entered from the outside).
05 NEW IDEA: a new way of looking at things or something to attempt in the future.
06 OBJECT (NEW): a new object that held significance.
07 OBJECT (OLD): an old object that held significance.
08 DISCARD: something you decided to rid from your life (or that you are particularly happy this month to see come to an end).
09 GRATITUDE: something you've been particularly thankful for this month.
10 PROPORTION: a reference from "The Book of Tea"; a specific moment that reminded you of the scale of the universe; that you are part of a greater whole.

The eulogy to the horizon by Eduardo Chillida (1990)

The eulogy to the horizon by Eduardo Chillida (1990)