Rachel Albright

Rachel Albright is a creative director and artist in Philadelphia

01    Nature

While visiting my parents in rural virginia, I was taken aback at how black the sky was at night, how dark the woods, how quiet and still. something I used to be so familiar with now makes me feel uneasy.

02    Object (old)

Watching as my oldest and most favorite, perfect pair of boots finally fall apart into an unwearable, unrepairable mess.

03    Object (new)

I was given a gift of a book on an artist I truly admire — a sign that the giver noticed and appreciated my interests was especially meaningful.

04    Surprise

Running into a longtime crush and feeling surprisingly little attraction after all this time.

05    Encounter

Meeting my new nephew for the first time and falling in love so quickly with this tiny human.

06    Night Out

A night spent with good friends, live music, and lots of tequila at an old honky tonk bar while visiting nashville, tennessee

07    Day Out

Working on location in an incredible old house in suburban new jersey. spending the day surrounded by amazing art and an absurdly talented team of people.

08    Time Alone

Appreciating traveling alone: quiet productiveness on a train, a corner barstool at an airport, always wondering where everyone else is going

09    Time With A Friend

I spent the night with one of my closest friends and remembered the pure joy of a classic slumber party.

010    Movie / TV / Book

Revisiting Sweet Home Alabama and realizing how much I relate to the dichotomy of growing up in the south and living your adult life in a different world / an unhealthy obsession with reality tv / joining a book club and showing up not having read the book but meeting smart, funny, beautiful new friends

011    Creative Act

Building a playlist for a party that arcs at the just the right time and kept everyone dancing all night long


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new nephew



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new jersey scenes

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sweet home alabama