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Rosemarie Auberson is an artist in Paris
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01    Nature

Spring is coming in Paris. The mimosa under my windows is blooming, yellow everywhere. Trees with flowers in the streets of the city, cherry trees, magnolia, lilacs soon. Sun. That makes us light and happy.

02    Object

New sofa in the living room, finally! Leaving behind a ten year old and ugly couch. Sometimes leaving behind is like a starting point.

03    Surprise

The news. Everyday is a surprise during these French elections. It looks like the news are jokes (corruptions and affairs are everywhere every days) but no, this is simply completely real. I am waiting with some anxiety the end of these elections. I cannot vote as I am Swiss and not French. I am passive and that is sometimes difficult when you live in the same country for almost more than 20 years and when you have kids. I wish I can have hope in the human being and that French people won't vote for fascism in the end.

04    Encounter

Encounter with my mother, when she was young, discovering her as a stranger on beautiful old pictures taken by my father, a beautifully well dressed woman, who was she at that time? Or was it the way my father saw her at that time too?

05    Night Out

Going home walking at 2am in the streets, smiling, after a very nice moment at a friend's party.

06    Day Out

I am trying to enjoy all kind of moments. Everyday. I think the way to enjoy life and see it gives it all its value. Well, it doesn't work every time, but in most of the cases, yes.

07    Time Alone

I spent the last two months working a lot alone, this month was much more sociable and it was good to go out and spending more time outside with people and with my kids again.

08    Time With A Friend

Each moment with some inspiring friends is always the best moment.

09    Movie / TV / Book

I saw again on TV one of my favorite movies of Claude Sautet: Une Histoire Simple with Romy Schneider. The story is about a woman who makes no concessions. Who tries and fails sometimes. She tries to follow her own deep choices in spite of the social rules. Freedom of spirit and strength. Movies from the seventies are always my favorites.

Moonlight is a movie that I kept with me deeply during all this month.

Book: A small book about a conference of Noguchi on Brancusi (he was his assistant.) A beautiful vintage book on Kyoto because of its cover. Louange De L'Ombre, Tanizaki. Because of its new French translation. Two art books, Agnes Martin and Georgia O'Keeffe, Living Modern, because of these women. Oh and a book about the work of Peter Doig too. A month of books I guess…

010    Creative Act

Trying to be more creative with my cooking…


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Old pictures of my mother

Old pictures of my mother

Kyoto book

Kyoto book

cooking inspiration

cooking inspiration