september 2016

When I first started thinking about The Moon Lists, I wanted each installment to focus on a certain intentional theme: a commonality that bound three otherwise strangers, be it through profession, side hobby, geography, or family history. Now, four installments in … I’m happily discovering that this isn’t the best way to categorize anything; self-expression exists outside of how we might quickly "define" ourselves. So, ever-evolving: I’ve approached this month's lists more organically, selecting three women with no particular connection to one another. From their reflections, a theme presented itself (as it always does). Let what’s in front of you do the work — it’s likely already figured itself out.

Some themes here: notes from the road, late summer spontaneity, special details, good conversation, breaking the rut.

The Lists:

Katie Bernstein, Portland, or (but writing from a month in Maine)

Lauren Ardis, Berkeley, CA

Tamara Becerra Valdez, Austin, TX and Mexico City