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Shriya Samavai is a photographer and poet based in New York City.

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01    CHANGE: A change you enacted with intention, or one that came from the outside.

I’m working on apologizing for things less, especially in texts and emails. I find myself regularly saying sorry because I took too many days or hours to get back to someone, even though I’m not obligated to respond within a certain period of time. So now I just dive into whatever I need to say and I don’t say sorry. It sets a good precedent – allows the person on the other side of the message to take their time to respond as well without feeling guilty.

02    SIMPLE NOURISHMENT: What simply satisfied you? Maybe it was a ten-minute phone call with a friend. Maybe it was a perfectly timed bath. Maybe it was a sandwich.

The other night I skipped a party and went out to dinner with a friend instead. We sat at the restaurant and talked for two or three hours, then went on a leisurely walk through the neighborhood. It felt very right. I went home and read poetry and slept well.

03    NEW TO YOU: What did you do for the first time, as a beginner or simply with a new sense of openness?

I’m learning to read tarot and am really enjoying the process. Each card contains so much information – whether it’s the suit, the number, or the figure present. It’s a nice way to parse out your or someone else’s life and understand all the parts that are at play. There’s so much more than just what’s at the surface.

04    ABUNDANCE: What was plentiful?

Chai. I have a caffeinated cup in the morning and sometimes a decaf blend in the afternoon. Somehow it never gets old and is always comforting.

05    LOSS: What was lost, what are you mourning? Maybe it is minor. Maybe it was more of a simplification than a “loss.”

With the beginning of November came daylight savings. It’s not my favorite. I like when the days stretch long, feels like they have more life in them. So losing the light in the evenings, having those odd afternoon sunsets, it makes me want to hole up at home and not go outside.

06    MYSTERY: Describe a mystery from the last month. What happened that you can’t explain?

The milk has regularly been going bad days before the expiration date.

07    FRONT BURNER LIST: What was read, watched, seen, listened to? Any colors, tastes, sensorial details that stand out?

Read: A letter written in green ink from my friend Clare
Watched: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Smelled: Palo Santo candle
Listened to: Neil Young’s Harvest and Harvest Moon

08    PROPORTION: A specific moment that reminded you of the scale of the universe, that you are part of a greater whole. An outdoor shower in the mountains. A particular drive at night. Reading a certain quotation at the right time.

After a sunny autumn day out at a sculpture park with some friends, we drove through a sunset and caught a perfect sliver of a crescent moon so low in the sky. We were surprised by its size ... it seemed so big. It was slightly golden and the edges were sharp like a sickle, points piercing the sky.


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tarot decks

tarot decks

early sunset in Boston

early sunset in Boston

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