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01    Nature

I’ve been in the city all month, so the sign of nature I’m seeing is the season continuing to change. How about human nature? We’ve all been reading a lot of things about our world and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to better nurture our natures…

02    Object (old)

A puppy coin purse my grandmother sent me when I was small. I didn’t bring many sentimental things with me when I moved to Paris but somehow this slipped in my suitcase. Maybe I rationalized it as being practical?

03    Object (new)

Hand mixer so I can make lots of cakes this winter.

04    Surprise

Sadly, the success of a big orange blob as president-elect...
On a more positive note, finding myself responding spontaneously to questions posed in a language other than my own …Or better yet “getting” the joke!

05    Encounter

Very happy to encounter some like-minded women.

06    Night Out

Looking out over Paris from up high on the butte! Standing in the drizzle with friends after a Sunday roast.

07    Day Out

A really beautiful day with my Ma when she came to visit at the beginning of this month. I was feeling very drained and very blue which doesn’t make for great company, but I was eager to take her for a day out and show her nice things. So we looked in shop windows, granny watched, and walked the Jardin Du Luxembourg. It was crisp but the sun was beating hard. We sat in the sunshine with our eyes closed for quite a while.

08    Time Alone

I was encouraged by my friend Pierre to start sketching at the museums here. It’s quite funny because if you’re drawing alone in a public space, people around you instantly assume you’re pretty good and try to peek over your shoulder, so I took pleasure in coyly shielding my amateur doodles from prying eyes - a private joke with myself.

09    Time With A Friend

A childhood friend from London took the train over to spend the day with me last week. She was one of the first friends I made who liked making things as much as I did. We had all kinds of plans and projects and characters and created all sorts of worlds together. Although living in different countries for the past 10 years, we manage to see each other a couple times a year which is always a treat. On this visit, we ate tiny club sandwiches and watched the Tour Eiffel twinkle on the hour. Feeling caught up in the festivities, I bought some blown glass Christmas decorations which was a bit indulgent… one is a Native American Chief and the other is an Inuit woman, chosen in honor of current events.

010    Movie / TV / Book

Movie: "HyperNormalisation" / Adam Curtis

TV: I plan to re-watch many episodes of 30 Rock over the holidays.

book: I just finished The Days Of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante a couple of nights ago. Heartbreaking + full of strength. A couple of weeks before, a funny book called Skylark by Dezso Kosztolanyi which felt very Stefan Zweig. Into it. I Know (Je Sais) by Ito Naga, the bilingual edition given to me by Camille to encourage philosophical French thinking. It's fun to pick a page at random. Filled with observations such as:
“I know that it’s tempting to see signs in coincidences”
“I know that since she’s a foreigner in France, certain landscapes in Normandy remind her of America or Germany. Me, never”

...I also just ordered a biography on Tove Jansson which is extremely exciting.
And always, recipes from Nigel Slater. My number 1. Books are good.

011    Creative Act

Last week I got lost in a deep hole of Fimo. Several hours were spent researching Millefiori techniques and things got pretty serious. See also: “time spent alone."


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paris shadows, from stella's instagram

paris shadows, from stella's instagram

puppy coin purse from stella's grandmother

puppy coin purse from stella's grandmother

museum sketching

museum sketching