Suzanna Zak

Suzanna Zak is an artist in Los Angeles

01    Nature

I saw Red Rocks covered in snow for the first time. I love revisiting the same areas and seeing them transform. Dry river beds are roaring again.

02    Object (old)

I have a new set of Black Diamond Stoppers which I use in rock climbing. I am becoming more familiar with them. It's amazing the way we can increase our understanding of cracks and fissures that move up mountain walls.

03    Object (new)

Twice this month I have been gifted pieces of obsidian. They came from different people but both pieces came from Utah. Maybe I'll go there.

04    Surprise

I took a spontaneous detour while avoiding some traffic on a highway that added about 2 hours to my drive. I was thrown back to a feeling that I encountered a lot this summer, the feeling that comes from unknown. It snuck up on me, and I was riveted by how much I had actually be craving it.

05    Encounter

Every day I'm filled with extra joy to be around my dog Lady. In the mornings we go to the dog park, or the grassy park, and we run around together. This moments are always filled with the possibilities, who is in the hole?

06    Night Out

Camping for many days can make it feel strange to enter city life again. Immediately after coming back from one of these trips, a friend and I went out for steamed mussels and negronis. We sat among our city folk peers covered in the coat of red sand laughing and enjoying the comforts of civilization.

07    Day Out

I participated in the Women's March this month, alongside people from across the world. It is rare that one feel's like they are a part of history. It is rare that one feels connected to people in far away places.

08    Time Alone

The temperatures have been lower here and I got sick. This has been an opportunity to stay in bed and write. I'm restless and sometimes by body forces me to slow down.

09    Time With A Friend

I've driven to Red Rocks in Nevada several times this month. That's over 20 hours at least side by side with a friend in a car. There's always some universal truth we discover when we're together on the open road.

010    Movie / TV / Book

I've found a lot of inspiration this month in reading Gloria Steinem's My Life On the Road. For the cold nights, I've been sitting in bed watching the new "Planet Earth." I also reread and watched John Berger's, Ways of Seeing. Sometimes books and film are for escapism, other times they are for acknowledging realities and finding strength.

011    Creative Act

I got a new camera this month for the first time since I was 18. This new way of looking completely upends my mode of perception. I am excited to shift my vision and right now I'm not sure where I'll end up.


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Red Rocks in snow

Red Rocks in snow

Lady running

Lady running

Red Rocks with Tessa

Red Rocks with Tessa

John Berger

John Berger