Thea Claire Brosnan

Thea Claire is 11 years old and lives in Austin, TX. She has just started the 6th grade. When we spoke, she had newly returned from summer camp and a family road trip and spending time with her grandparents. I interviewed her at her house on the couch, she was eating chips and picante sauce.

01    NATURE: An experience between you and the natural world

I went out to visit my grandparents out at their ranch. My grandpa and I went out one day, just the two of us. He was taking down a fence and wanted some help. It was really, really was August! And when we were done we went back to the house, dripping in sweat because we'd been out there for three hours. Then he surprised me and came out with a couple inner tubes and he was like, "Do you want to go?" And I was like, "Yeah." And so then we walked down to the pond together and just jumped in and then we swam in it for an hour or so.

02    CHANGE: Something different, either that you initiated or that came from the outside.

In elementary school we had our teacher to help us with any questions. The teacher basically ran everything. But this year they basically just gave us a schedule and we had to find our classrooms all on our own. I’m in charge of remembering to bring everything, and to do my homework. I'd heard a little bit about what sixth grade was like from some of my friends who are now in seventh grade, but I still wasn't expecting it to be this different. It's all new. I think it’s a good change.

03    SURPRISE: what happened that you were not expecting?

Last month I was at camp, and sometimes we get sent care packages. I was with my counselor who told me there were two huge boxes, one for me and one for my sister. The box was as big as me! My mom had sent me a letter that said, 'Nanni told me what she was going to send you.' Nanni is what we call my aunt. Anyway, she said 'Nanni is sending you a prank. It’s really funny.' When I walked in saw the giant box, I just thought…'oh no.' Then I opened it up and inside was 46 bags of Takis corn chips. I guess maybe one time I said I liked those.

04    INVENTORY: What objects have been getting a lot of air time? New, old, useful or not.

Well, one would be my agenda for school. It has all my homework and all the things I need to do. My school gave to me, and I use it every day. This is the first time I've ever had an agenda, or anthing that I needed to really remember.

A second thing is a red blanket — my family went on a road trip, and in the car that's the blanket that I used every day and night...we were in the car for a lot, because we were car camping.

And then my friend Holden and I have started a kombucha business. Well, I don't really know if it would qualify as a business. We learned how to ferment a kombucha and started selling it to our neighbors. We charged $3. We had basil in our yard and used that, and then we made one with honey and one with watermelon. Oh, we tried a chocolate one too. It was...interesting. I wasn't really thinking it through: I got chocolate syrup and put that inside, and then just shook it up for awhile. When I took it out of the fridge, there was just this layer of...oh, it was weird. I think I made Holden’s brother try it first but to be honest... it wasn't bad. I’ll let you know when we’re back in business.


I've been walking home from the bus lately and it's kind of just nice to like ... have some time after school to just think. Sometimes I listen to music, but mostly I just walk.


I hadn’t seen my best friend Soren for like a month and a half. We're neighbors and best friends, so we usually see each other every day. It was just nice to be able to talk to her about her summer. And also...she told me that she had fallen off a cliff. While she was playing tag? I was very confused, but apparently that's what happened. I don't know.

07    CULTURAL OVERVIEW: what did you watch or read or listen to?

Definitely still Stranger Things. I have so many friends and family that have finished it and they keep talking about it, and I'm like "Ahh! I'm trying to just trying to finish it so I can talk about it.


My sister got a new room and so she got to paint and decorate and stuff...but since I was still sharing a room my mom asked if I wanted to find a way to just make it more like, I don't know...more like me. I picked out some colors and got ideas from a calendar. In some way it looks like I have a mountain, some water, maybe a sun.


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Inventory: TC’s new agenda

Inventory: TC’s new agenda

Surprise: camp chips

Surprise: camp chips

Creative act: wall art

Creative act: wall art