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01    Story: What’s the best story you heard this month?

I can’t recall a story I heard recently that I want to share but what I really wish is if my dog Mishka would tell me stories when I come back home. About how he barked at the postman, how the cleaning cars were too loud, how he tried to steal something but it didn’t work our, or maybe it did! I wish he could tell me what’s on his mind.

02    Nature: An encounter with the natural world

Yesterday it was raining in Los Angeles and I walked for an hour and despite this city being made for the sun it was magical and beautiful. My phone died at some point at I found myself completely alone, wet and very happy.

03    Art Experience: An encounter with art (in any form)

I enjoy art embedded into the contemporary culture. I hope it makes sense. It is really amazing when you watch TV and see something extraordinary during the commercial break, when fashion week is not just a row of looks but something like Alexander McQueen shows from the 90s. I find it mesmerizing when art organically surrounds us in real life, not just being framed on the wall or hung at the museum. Well, sadly (or not?) it makes me the last step in the chain of art - consuming what’s on the surface. I try to consume tastefully.

04    Change: a meaningful change that impacts the way you live (either that you initiated or that entered from outside)

Moving to Los Angeles. I am from Moscow but when I was 17 I moved to London and had wonderful time there. I learned a lot and can say that moving away from home shaped myself and my future. However, only when I moved to Los Angeles I felt like I found home - my problems became less significant, dreams more real. I can now focus on doing things, not finding my place.

05    New Idea: a new way of looking at things or something to attempt in the future

Remove passive-aggressiveness, remove ego, and give everything three chances. If something or someone makes me feel uncomfortable more than two times and the problem is not in me – I leave the situation or the person. Also, as a true Virgo - I criticize and question everything - I want to become more neutral in my opinions that affect others, while staying absolutely honest and real.

06    Object (new): a new object that held significance

Last month at an antique market in New York I found a little pendant that doubles as a perfume bottle. I adore little tokens with meaning. For awhile I wore my mom’s locket with a little photo of us and a note inside, and now I have this perfume bottle, for another sensory memory.

07    Object (old): an old object that took on new/different kind of meaning

A long, dark blue cashmere coat I found in my dad’s closet more than ten years ago, which I have been wearing ever since. I think it’s 25 years old. He bought it in Amsterdam and it traveled with me to London, Moscow, and Los Angeles. It has holes in it. I changed the lining twice and the cashmere has become much thinner over time. When I put it on I feel like myself.

08    Discard: Something you decided to rid yourself of this month.

Unnecessary emotions. Also - I have so many things left in my home in Moscow, I really want all my stuff to fit into five suitcases (I wish I could say one) and I dream of getting rid of things I don’t see daily but I own.

09    Gratitude: something you have been specifically thankful for this month:

I have to admit I am not very good at being grateful outloud. I'll use this opportunity to publicly say that I am grateful for my family and little Mishka. I love you very much. Also for every single day too, obviously.

10    Proportion: A specific moment that reminded you of the scale of the universe. That you are part of a greater whole.

See grid to the right.


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Yana and Mishka

Yana and Mishka

Alexander McQueen 1999 Show

Alexander McQueen 1999 Show

New pendant

New pendant

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