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zsuzsanna toth is a writer and editor in london.
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01    Nature

Holiday: I spent three days in the mountains above Genoa, Italy, where the next house was half an hour drive away. There, I (re-)discovered the beauty of climbing a mountain.

Back “home”: Living in London, which can feel like a concrete jungle at some ends, I am happy to move to a new house where (for the first time in my roughly 20 moves in the past 10 years) has its own private garden.

02    Object (old)

I haven’t been in one of my “homes” this month, so I've mostly surrounded by rather new objects. I did however visit a big interior studio where I was surrounded with a lot of samples (and smells!) that reminded me of my first summers, spent at my family’s lakehouse in Hungary - a self-made and (still) work-in-progress space where I discovered new things, materials, textures, and tools everyday.

03    Object (new)

I bought the most beautiful jumper but it doesn’t exist yet, only as a sample. It will be hand-knitted by the girls behind the London brand Kepler and will be with/on me in about 4 weeks...

04    Surprise

A $15 flight to Milan, and also surprised by the fact that I booked at all (I am very bad with decisions).

05    Encounter

See Night Out / Time Alone

06    Night Out

Dinner on the full moon night, 9th of July, where my boyfriend and I had the most unconventional and beautiful dinner in the north of Corsica. A self-trained chef works there alone - cooking and serving just one plate per day, whatever comes to his mind. Everything is fresh from the market or grows in his garden. We were the only ones in that night and talked with him (in very bad French) about the joys of working independently and simple food that uses the best ingredients.

07    Time Alone

I found joy in going out alone in the last weeks. In the past I was more attracted to the idea rather than actually going out for a glass of wine, a nice lunch, or day trip by myself. But most recently it didn’t just feel better overall, it also enabled me to discover so many things I wouldn’t have observed with company. I also talked a bit to strangers — a chat about coffee and a conversation with an old man having lunch alone next to me. He talked me through a book, which I ended up going and buying afterwards - and can’t wait to start reading it at my next “table for one.”

08    Time With A Friend

In London, spontaneity is almost impossible. In a city where everyone’s schedule is or wants to be uncompromising I was so happy to manage a last minute meet-up in a local wine bar with someone, who I quickly managed to call a good friend. Hardly anything makes me as happy as spending time with someone new where the entire evening passes quickly, and you don’t think a single time about where the conversation (or the night) goes.

09    Movie / TV / Book

Movie: I have re-discovered the joy of Eric Rohmer movies, going through the same procedures with every movie: I start by anticipating an exciting plot, and then re-realize that that’s not what his movies are about. Also I find myself capturing screenshots of every film.

TV: "The Handmaid’s Tale" shook me up big time - as it did probably everyone else. The topic is just way too identifiable with our disturbing present times. But also it's genious how a distopian nightmare can be told in such an aesthetically pleasing way...


Fiction: I am just about to finish Siri Husveidt’s masterpiece “What I loved.” It made me slow down reading instead of rushing through; I just don’t want it to end.
Non-Fiction: i have just started “It's All in Your Head: True Stories of Imaginary Illness.” I wish I would have found this earlier.

010    Creative Act

Starting to draw again. It’s a quite clumsy (re)start but it on so many levels absolutely joyful.


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